Invasion of the feet

A bouncer was standing outside a club when suddenly a horde of feet poured down the street and began squealing, “Let us in, let us in!” “This establishment’s non-discrimination policy doesn’t apply to autonomous human body parts,” he replied, “so fuck off.” But they began kicking at his ankles, and hopping up his legs to…
A foot in Agnolo Bronzino's

Spaniards queuing up to wear Asbo bracelets

Because they contain payment cards. Yup, 60s festival administration came home. Jesus F Christ, what ‘tards. I might have an alcohol-free beer to get over the shock. Seriously, get yourself a kazoo this Christmas, and pay cash. The North Koreans haven’t banned them yet, though followers of the Only True Faith are a bit twitchy.

La K es de kazoo

Cómo fabricarte uno, cómo combinarlos con otros instrumentos, y cómo comprarte el mejor del Organillero-Cantante.

Albert el mono infinito en su templo tocando Manantiales de nitroglicerina.

Why does the Chartres cathedral renovation have to be so damn cautious?

Martin Filler -(faux?) outraged New York dandy- is certainly a giggle. If he had any serious interest in France or the Gothic he’d know that the sexless late-republican yellowing of major churches has been going on for some time now. (If all those black virgins are to be white once more, then surely we also…