The great thing about the Muslim blasphemy assassination squads


Waaaall Image: Wiki Commons.

Is that one discovers splendid loonies like Lars Vilks. Neither had I really touched Charlie Hebdo before that shit -I’d always turned to Canard enchaîné– and I’m grateful to the retards for broadening my reading.

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  1. Isn’t Hebdo dead now? I thought they’d called it a day. I guess you can always find back issues or simply search online for “racist cartoons”: there are plenty of them out there. Lolle.

    Much as all this violence is utterly revolting, I’m pinning my hopes to the fact that our countries have dealt with worse before and come through. I don’t really accept that this is a problem with ‘multiculturalism’ (whatever that amorphous term really means) so much as a problem with psychotic murderers and useful idiots. What’s wrong with stuffing the mosques with police spies, the way they used to with trade union/SWP meetings? Incitement’s already illegal, no?

  2. What really facks me off when I’m doing a barrel organ gig and beat my monkey is that half the audience cheer and the other half boo, all of them because they think I’m an anti-simite, someone with an irrational loathing of simians. But the truth is that my damn monkey has absolutely no manners. I hope that answers your question.

  3. Incidentally, the great thing about David Carr’s death is that I’ve started reading his book The Gun in the Night. As fun a memoir about crack addiction and journalism as I’ve read for a while.

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