The bells

Easter edition.

One shares an internal wall and a small patio with a small, peripatetic community of monks. They often sing matins at a most ungodly hour, woken by the soft trill of the bell pull, and then have a fry-up.

The church has a secondary, quiet peal of bells, which continues during the hours from 11 at night to 7 in the morning when the principal carillon is turned off.

Easter Saturday, nine o’clock:
– Good morning, brothers & neighbours. The bells are very quiet today.
– Good morning! Our Lord has died, so we turn them off.
– We miss them.
– We hope for better news tomorrow.

One worried that (see Ibn Hayyan) a contemporary Al Mansur might have sacked this minor Santiago and taken the bells to Cordoba on the backs of captives to serve as lamps – which may be related at some level to the Dutch tradition of the paasklokken leaving for Rome today.

Even better news: Dutch paracetamol dated 2000 still works fine, as per the WSJ piece from around then re the US military, big pharma, the FDA and use-by dates.

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