Hackney Brook restoration scheme

Iain Sinclair wrote of when “global warming rolls a warm sea [up] the course of the old Hackney Brook.” The flow’s going to be the other way. Let me explain.

Shark jumping on Wick Road near St. Dominic's Primary School following the reinstatement of Hackney Brook.

Comparatives: Spain vs Yugoslavia

Montenegro’s population is only a tenth of that of Catalonia’s, but Critilo’s conclusion over at ¿Hay derecho? – that the political sovereignty of (new) state(let)s is posited on monetary and economic sovereignty – still deserves a wider audience than the translation suggests. (On the other hand, Candide, who brings considerable knowledge of the Balkans to…

There they have separation of powers, not regions

IRQ comparing the USA with Spain. I imagine the comparison of Catalan nationalism with the Amish would also raise eyebrows in various places: Hombre, en la única democracia formal conocida no vemos a Donald Trump, dueño de encuestas tan favorables como las que pueda tener [Albert] Rivera, acudiendo al Despacho Oval para ofrecer a Obama…

Low-/no-alcohol month

Landlords have been asked to report offenders. Recently M encountered an enthusiastic early-evening drinker clad in lycra and struck up a conversation. “Oh, my boyfriend thinks I’m at Zumba,” she explained, “but I hate being shouted at and told what to do, so I come here instead.”

As Pontes’ clitoris festival

La Voz de Galicia, the oldest Google source for the story, says that the council of Puentes de García Rodríguez posted the work of Google Translate on its website, but I can’t find a screengrab. As if all those mistranslated greens weren’t bad enough, the town’s illiterate English Wikipedia entry tells us that: The town…