Etymology of Trippier

Does Kieran have a goatherd or a tripe merchant in his paternal line?

Great man, great chainsaw.

Great man, great chainsaw. Image: Anton Zaytsev.

One theory here was that Kieran Trippier’s surname was a nickname, due to his on-field ability to “produce distorted sensory perceptions and feelings or altered states of awareness or sometimes states resembling psychosis” in susceptible subjects.

A second was that it came from a Middle English word for shepherd or goatherd, as used by scribes at Bolton Priory in the Yorkshire Dales: “In pane pro Triphyrdes” / “Pro Tripherds”.

But Trippier is from Bury, in Lancashire, home of tripe, and our third theory was that it is from the French tripier, for a dealer in intestines, something which Henry Harrison’s Surnames of the United Kingdom: A Concise Etymological Dictionary seems to consider feasible.

Whatever the truth, the (Lancastrian) Tripe Marketing Board seems to be about to claim Trippier for their own:

Those in need of some type of Tripe Advisor tool will find a short, true history of tripe in Dr Derek J Ripley’s Forgotten Lancashire and Parts of Cheshire & the Wirral, which also establishes Lancashire as “the crucible of fridge magnet development in Britain and the western world.” There’s a review on Lancashire Life.

Meanwhile, it is being said that Kieran Trippier didn’t actually take a penalty last night:

But no:

Liverpool Socialist Choir’s Tripe Christmas:

Melo Marín likes Asunción’s tripe:

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