A walk from Petersfield over the South Downs to Bishop’s Waltham

From the banks of the Rother (almost) via Stroud, Ramsdean, the source of the Meon (just about), Frogmore, East Meon, Old Winchester Hill, Droxford and Upper Swanmore to the source of the Hamble (very nearly). Featuring an erudite parrot, Edward Thomas and John Owen Smith, William Cobbett and Gilbert White, Charles II and Winston Churchill, Eric Ravilious and a 1791 chic doggerel tombstone, and two extinct railways.

Old Winchester Hill from the north.


French: to swipe a badge over a reader to access space or information. This digital harassment furnishes a nice spurious retrospective etymology for the British badger, to molest. Don’t bugger badgers or badger buggers.

Seen but not heard

How to stop 1444/Vodafone phuckwits from waking you up during the siesta.

The bodies of the

“the bodies of the” causes my mind to slip through several different types of space and emerge from a badgerhole in a pleasant spring breeze. (Via MM)