Seen but not heard

How to stop 1444/Vodafone phuckwits from waking you up during the siesta.

I have a 20th century pay-as-you-go phone on which I’ve spent about 10€ in the last decade, and, while Movistar regularly text-spams me (the website where you could tell them not to didn’t work–quelle surprise!), they and the competition have worked out that it’s not worth calling.

Modern folks like your good selves may not be so lucky, so if you get bored with the free sex chat approach and don’t fancy hunting them down, sodomising them, and leaving them out for the badgers, you could do worse than imitate our local android:

  1. create a contact group called Spam
  2. assign spam callers to it
  3. google “wav silence”
  4. get your favourite RIP soundtrack and upload it to your mobile
  5. select it as the ringtone for group Spam.

Telecomms salesmen: the new children.

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  1. Wow, that sounds cute!

    Telefonica (sic)/Movistar for some time did a good job of calling me in the wee hours. So I took to insulting whoever was on the other end of the line. Worked for me. (I kept the sex-chat version in reserve and never had to use it. Luckily: they might have taken me by the word, and what to do then? Everyone knows they are into frogs.)

    Now you have come up with certainly a more elegant solution. If it works it’s almost as good as shooting them with a silencer: not enough splatter.

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