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    1. Nephew Simon Jones and niece Catherine, wife of Thomas Jones, are her executors [E0816]
    2. Elizabeth (Owen) [I0357]
    3. Elizabeth Owen rents land at 5/- pa for 99 years to Llanuwchllyn Calvinistic Methodists for a chapel. [E0815]
  2. John Davies burial notice mentions Mr. & Mrs. Allan, brother and sister in law, Boston.
    1. Family of ? Allan and Mitchell [F0066]
    1. Estyn Douglas ApSimon [I0015]
    2. Robert Albert Jones [I0133]
    3. The funeral notice is a useful summary of his family and business and political acquaintances. Thomas ApSimon is in the 2nd carriage. [E0377]
    4. Mary Rowlands [I0167]
    5. Death, Robert Albert Jones [E0278]
    6. John Davies burial notice. [E0374]
    7. Family of Rowland Rowlands and Ann (Rowlands) [F0054]
    8. Mill furnishing partnership with Van Gelder. Old Ropery address, also Victoria Works/Industrial Road, Sowerby Bridge. White's 1887: Pieter van Gelder & he are managing directors, Van Gelder, Apsimon & Co. Limited. [E0397]
    9. Three years penal servitude for "salesman" EDA of Mount Rd, Higher Bebbington, for forging share certificates to defraud a Liverpool moneylender and commission agent (his father was also one). AMA has no memory of the trial and thinks he may have been sent to Swindon for the duration, care of the guard with address round his neck. [E0200]
    10. Arthur Tryweryn ApSimon [I0014]
    11. Source announces auction of his house and various others on Bala High St plus farms. Conveyance passing property to Evan Jones of Bala, builder [E0491]
    12. Obit of Jane (Rowlands) Jones in TGEA clippings. [E0329]
    13. Birth reg. West Derby Q3. [E0009]
    14. May Mary Mitchell [I0153]
    15. T. Evans [I0170]
    16. R.A. is the "only surviving son" of the late Rev. John Jones in the former's 1890 wedding announcement. [E0897]
    17. Suffered from chronic "bronchitis" or something similar. [E0384]
    18. AMA: The move to West Kirby followed Thomas ApSimon's financial crash. Very small compared to Willow Hall. 1893 Liverpool Mercury ad for an iron chapel is marvellous. [E0387]
    19. Various dates. Clorianydd gives 5th, another source 3rd. [E0032]
    20. After 15 years abroad he decided to visit his family, perhaps to get married or perhaps because he felt he was dying. He was taken ill at Syracuse and returned to Utica, where he passed at the house of Mrs Sarah Parry - conceivably a Llanuwchllyn connection. [E0049]
    21. Burial notice says Bath nursing home, AMA says RUH Bath. AMA: Had cocked up surgery for duodenal ulcer in WWI. Died following operation. TTA blamed himself for not insisting that he go to Bristol instead of Bath when he was ill. He coordinated the refugee welcome programme in 1940 along the south coast and was exhausted. [E0277]
    22. Deaths says 4th quarter in Bala, probably same Jane Jones. [E0025]
    23. Rowland Rowlands [I0165]
    24. Thomas ApSimon (Jones) [I0008]
    25. Burial notice. [E0373]
    26. Estyn qualifies as a solicitor (i.e. admitted to Rolls) 3rd class, having been pupil with the firm. Wynn Wheldon may still have been managing clerk at this stage. LLB, in pre-war £150 p.a.. [E0194]
    27. Birth registered in West Derby, Lancashire, England. Maybe that's the Toxteth reg. district. [E0006]
    28. Funeral report suggests March. In 1881 census, not in 1891 or 1901. [E0466]
    29. Barrister. Called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn, 7 May 1879, but may have moved to Liverpool shortly afterwards. [E0378]
    30. Merchant navy. Engineer, first class, 1940, Liverpool. WWII: Arrivals at New York as 3rd Engineer on the SS Rimutaka (SS Mongolia (1922)) on the run between Avonmouth/Liverpool and Auckland/Wellington via the Panama Canal between 1943 and 1945 with service consistent with late 1935/early 1936 start. 6'0", 156 lb, no tattoos... Discharge number:R.136916. Post-WWII: 1947, Suffolk; 1956, Avanca. HTA takes the 1947 voyage as emigration to New Zealand. [E0408]
    31. Joseph Henry ApSimon [I0012]
    32. Birth, Jane Rowlands [E0024]
    33. Richard Douglas ApSimon [I0039]
    34. Bath Chronicle for 23/11 says on Saturday morning. Attendees: May Davies (widow), Jonah R. Davies (father) Dr. & Mrs T.T. Apsimon (brother-in-law & sister), Mr. and Mrs. George Davies (brother and sister-in-law), Mr. and Mrs Allan (brother-in-law and sister-in-law), Boston; Mr Arthur & Hubert Apsimon (nephews), Miss R. Massey (aunt) and Mr. Till. Revd. G.H. Kirkham (Westwood) officiated. [E0372]
    35. Partner with John Hawleigh Smith, Edward Edwards and Hilmar von Schwartz in the firm of John Hawleigh Smith & Co. Hawleigh retired and the partnership was dissolved. [E0395]
    36. Jane Rowlands [I0020]
    37. Partner with Edward Edwards, Hilmar von Schwartz, cotton brokers, trading as John Hawleigh Smith & Co. Voluntary liquidation 1878 called on their personal estates and may have led to bankruptcy for Thomas, by coincidence at the same time he was getting hitched to the presumably wealthy Annie. [E0396]
    38. Rev. John Thomas B.A. officiated. [E0014]
    39. John Jones [I0195]
    40. ? Jones [I0392]
    41. Thomas Trevor ApSimon [I0007]
    42. Place/date in extended obit in TGEA collection. [E0209]
    43. Thomas Jones [I0034]
    44. Tinman, in Jane Rowlands/Jones obit. and I think in 1841 census. [E0322]
    45. Struck off the Rolls following conviction for conspiracy and forgery. [E0199]
    46. John Davies [I0046]
    47. Dr. ApSimon of Neston is selling a Phoenix 2-seater in the Liverpool Echo, May 30, p.3 [E0376]
    48. Anna Elizabeth Thompson [I0011]
  3. 1881_01_01 Longer notice death Jane Jones 44 transcription translation
    1. T. Evans [I0170]
    2. There are various Llewellyn Streets, but Jane Rowlands was "sister of the wife of the Reverend D. Evans, *Pentre*, Morganwg." [E0932]
    3. Marriage, Family of T. Evans and Mary Rowlands [E0332]
    4. Mary Rowlands [I0167]
    5. David Evans [I0171]
    6. Marriage, Family of David Evans and Margaret Rowlands [E0331]
    7. Margaret Rowlands [I0168]
  4. 1873_04_01 Obit Simon Jones Y dysgedydd crefyddol
    1. Simon Jones (Bala) [I0009]
    2. Obit: 1805. 1851 & 61: 1805-6. Llanuwchllyn obelisk: 68 at death on 21/02/1873, i.e. 1804 or early 1805. Family: September 1805. [E0021]
  5. RA Jones death notice 1892
    1. Residence, Family of Robert Albert Jones and Harriet Agnes Thompson [E0381]
    2. Harriet Agnes Thompson [I0090]
    3. Robert Albert Jones [I0133]
    4. Birth, Robert Albert Jones [E0379]
  6. 1845-50
    1. Shareholder, National Provincial Bank of England: pioneering joint-stock bank, focus of new trend for middle-class investment in equities, predecessor of NatWest. Not mentioned in his rabble-rousing speeches about his rise from nothing... [E0796]
    2. Simon Jones (Bala) [I0009]
  7. 1890/3/1
    1. Harriet Agnes Thompson [I0090]
    2. "The couple left Halifax by the 4.40 train en route to the Riviera." They acquired the large folio of Italian views. [E0382]
    3. Robert Albert Jones [I0133]
  8. RA Jones marriage notice 1890
    1. Arthur Tryweryn ApSimon [I0014]
    2. Thomas ApSimon (Jones) [I0008]
    3. Estyn Douglas ApSimon [I0015]
    4. Thomas Trevor ApSimon [I0007]
    5. Joseph Henry ApSimon [I0012]
    6. Start date established in the Monthly Tidings article, recording the Catharine St. Presbyterian Church's thanks to Thomas for almost 20 years service. 1891 census gives Willow Hall Lane - if in another house here, that may explain the discordance re address. [E0383]
    7. Anna Elizabeth Thompson [I0011]