Antecedents, construction, arrival, outings

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12/12/2014 The organ-grinder’s superkazoos go on sale

21/11/2014 First great work of art inspired by the organ

At primary school Escola Pau Romeva, Barcelona. There are also photos

The organ-grinder as a singing black hole

Photo by Jean-Marc Joseph.

26/06/2014 Helena Rohner, Barcelona

Tenth anniversary of leading jewellery boutique.

20/05/2014-02/06/2014 First trip to Madrid

Presentations for a fashion manufacturer.

09/05/2014 Cool at last, yup

18/03/2014 Original music for a children’s story

Primary school Escola Parc de la Ciutadella, Barcelona. Story Croquetot Eva Muñoz, dancer Helena Lizari, clip by Pere Alberó.

05/03/2014 First outing for Dave the monkey

23/09/2013 Press conference

Avant-garde music festival: LEM Festival / Grácia Territori Sonor, Barcelona.

12/04/2013 Dance music, with the Dutch choir De Potters

28/04/2013 Celebrations for the new Dutch king

Regional expat association, Catalonia. Ted Scholte: “a real Dutch organ grinder.”

16/03/2013 First street outing in Barcelona

From Bike-Tech, Gracia, Barcelona. “You’re my Zen moment,” sighs the barman of the Teatreneu.

01/02/2013 Music for an exhibition

“Cartografías Urbanas”: Escola Llotja (municipal art school), Barcelona.

13/01/2013 Stravinsky’s Petrushka

First version for street organ of a great work from the classical repertoire.

10/01/2013 First arrangement based on a piano-roll scan

The Spanish classic, “Valencia.”

29/12/2012 Welcome party for the organ, Barcelona

Cosas de Absenta writes, “a complete artist”, and, with her son on the crank, records an early, very noisy version of Bananas, a mambo by Machito.

2011-2012 Construction

By Diabolus in Musica.

Ca. 1530 B.C. Amenemhet invents a water clock for his boss