Kazoo (punning inscription in Spanish)


The best plastic kazoo on the market, produced for the Singing Organ-Grinder.

Important: If you have kazoo body colour preferences, please tell me in the section Order Notes at Checkout and I will do my best. Otherwise body colour will be selected using a potentially life-changing apparatus.

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Best plastic kazoo on the market, made in the USA. Body and cap using the highest grade polypropylene and pigments in mixed bright colours. Resonator of polyethylene paper, extremely durable, waterproof, very loud. Hot stamping, black organ-grinder design. Safety-tested and approved for children 3+: caps pressed at 690 kPa and virtually impossible to remove.

Design: "Más mono que nunca" means both "Cuter than ever", which is kind of hard on the stomach, and "More monkey than ever", which is just weird
“Más mono que nunca” means both “Cuter than ever”, which is debatable in terms of the Trade Descriptions Act 1968, and “More monkey than ever”, which is to please monkeyburger fans.


Hum through the big end. (The monkey in the photo is doing it wrong and has been punished.) Blowing and sucking don’t work! The following playlist also shows you how to make a simple kazoo using a toilet roll, grease-proof paper, an elastic band and some scissors:

More info: blog posts.

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Weight 18.1437 g
Dimensions 120 × 25 × 29 mm

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