Sheet music of arrangements and original music for choir

I’ve been writing choral music for a long time, mostly for SATB, SSA and TTBB, and for professional and amateur groups. Of my original music, I’m afraid that much was composed as a student and during several poverty-stricken years thereafter, and consisted of musical pastiche, ranging from Palestrina through the Classical and Romantic repertoire to the French impressionists, designed to satisfy the academic course requirements of conservatoire and university students with more money than ability. I’ve also turned out a huge number of one-off arrangements, generally from the lighter side of 20th century music. Get in touch if there’s a number you’d particularly like for your ensemble.


A couple of samples. First, a very old arrangement for male-voice ensemble of Bananas by Machito:

A version for a Barcelona SATB vocal cabaret group of E.T. Mensah’s Tea Samba:

A virtual version of a setting for SATB of various intermezzos by Willem Wilmink: