The Petersburg Organ-Grinders, by Dmitry Grigorovich (paperback)


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A Labour of Lunacy by the Singing Organ-Grinder, Being a New, Improved Translation of Grigorovich’s Classic 1844 Reportage, Originally Published in Vol. I of Nekrasov’s Natural School Manifesto-Anthology The Physiology of Petersburg (Физиология Петербурга). With Colourful Explanations of its Songs, Jokes, Proverbs, Remedies, Literary Allusions (Y words), and With All Y Original Illustrations—Republished for the First Time—and Z Others.


  1. Entry
  2. The Organ-Grinding Classes
  3. The Italian Organ-Grinders
  4. The Russian and German Organ-Grinders
  5. Street Buffoons
  6. The Organ-Grinder’s Public
  7. Final Notes
  8. Bibliography in progress: PDF; interactive

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