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Organ-grinder tweets for November 2017

More monkey mess from the peripatetic Homerton/Hackney barrel organ. (2017/12/01)

London organ-grinding tweets for October 2017

Lukewarm barrel organ-ish ephemera from Hackney, London and thereabouts. (2017/11/01)

So, would you rather visit Tory party conference or the 1660 Foire de Saint-Germain?

Given the choice (we believe in choice). Featuring castanets, monkeys, marionettes, and human and tortoise castles. (2017/10/03)

London organ-grinder tweets for September 2017

Barrel/street organ stuff. (2017/10/01)

Napoleon II’s Pulcinella toy & the Empire’s collapse

A tragic gallery dealing with 1832: contemporary/posterior mise-en-scène? Plus images of Napoleon as Polichinelle. (2017/09/29)