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He would an elegy compose / On maggots squeez’d out of his nose (en)

Samuel Butler on a writer of doggerel. (2017/08/15)

Tweets for July 2017 (en)

Twitter’s death agony probably won’t continue for very long, so I’ve written a PHP script to parse their JSON output and post it here. I’ll improve presentation when I’ve got a mo. (2017/08/14)

Sister Mary and the Bird (en)

Translations from Welsh and Yiddish revealing ornithomancy amongst the 19th century north Welsh and Jewish Lithuanians. (2017/08/07)

Tweets for June 2017 ()


From Charles Trenet, two musical De Gaulle anecdotes (en)

Re the songs, L’âme des poètes and Douce France. (2017/06/10)