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Bio: Kazoo Academy & Barrel Organ Disco/Yorkshire Almanac/translator Romance & Germanic languages & Russian/old-style jazz trombone & vocals/brass bands/allotmenteer

  • Thu Feb 01 01:15 Yorkshire Almanac: 1 February 2024: Then: 1829: Jonathan Martin's attempt to burn down York Minster is frustrated by a frolicsome chorister 1893: Alderman Herbert Bramley (Liberal) can't see why Sheffield, on the 50th anniversary of its municipal…
  • Thu Feb 01 20:48 Gorgeous Rimskian Coq d'Or at the Berlin Comic Opera, photo Monika Rittershaus
  • Fri Feb 02 00:54 Yorkshire Almanac: 2 February 2024: Then: 1188: Pilgrim-soldier Margaret of Beverley is freed after 15 months of slavery following the siege of Jerusalem 1609: A crowd-pleasing morality play at Candlemas at Gouthwaite Hall in Catholic Nidderdale lands…
  • Fri Feb 02 10:51 Post-Christian feast news: the protagonist of the Headingley Gallimaufrians’s Scandalmas procession & pyre is feverish
  • Fri Feb 02 16:47 Lonely Road (1936): - Well, what do you do in Leeds to amuse yourself? - Well sir, there's always the pictures. But nothing in the film further north than a very peaceful A1/Great North Road just outside London at 10:00 Any good Leeds-based films?
  • Sat Feb 03 00:34 Yorkshire Almanac: 3 February 2024: Then: 1825: The last great festival at Bradford of Bishop Blaize, the wool-combers' patron Now: Tonight: light cloud, temperature 11°C (52°F), wind westerly 18mph, visibility good, pressure 1022mb, humidity 84%, UV…
  • Sat Feb 03 10:00 "I want the garden to be pretty this year, not a kafkafuck of stakes and netting." But one has been invited to participate in an alluvial allotment, so the ugliness will simply migrate.
  • Sat Feb 03 10:04 Comment: Kafkafuck still has less K than knickknack, but is up there with kickback, knickerbocker, and kolkhoznik
  • Sat Feb 03 10:09 Cathedral cookies

  • Sat Feb 03 10:13 One advantage of running Extwitter over VPN is that I am classified as Swedish for Trending and get to see only the best of British
  • Sun Feb 04 00:12 Yorkshire Almanac: 4 February 2024: Then: 0211: Having survived the Scots, Roman emperor Septimius Severus dies at York, possibly murdered by his son and fellow-emperor Caracalla Now: Tonight: light cloud, temperature 8°C (46°F), wind westerly 13mph,…
  • Sun Feb 04 12:56 Transport bureaucrats have been known to say, "Of course, we're trying to catch up with the Dutch in terms of cycling & walking provision, but they have got a 50 year head-start," but my guess is that on balance new-build is worsening the problem
  • Sun Feb 04 12:57 Comment: (The Dutch ANWB's concrete bike sign toadstools actually date back to 1919! )
  • Sun Feb 04 19:58 The infant enjoyed Stagecoach (1939) with running exegesis & then fell asleep, so a dusk well spent. It was Tony Williams, Welsh theologian & revolutionary director, who convinced me that even an overearnest progressive could like Westerns, & Stagecoach is such a great film
  • Sun Feb 04 20:03 Comment: The name of the lead (f) rings a bell
  • Sun Feb 04 21:33 "Only six books are known for certain to have been printed in Tudor Yorkshire: all of them at York between 1510 and 1516, and none of them written by a local author."
  • Sun Feb 04 23:05 Art history due for a comeback
  • Sun Feb 04 23:24 Ok, #earlymodern extwitter, who can get me Joseph Hunter's Chorus Vatum?
  • Mon Feb 05 02:47 Yorkshire Almanac: 5 February 2024: Then: 1643: Rioting locals reïnundate Hatfield Chase in protest at flooding and a loss of fishing and fowling caused by Cornelius Vermuyden's land reclamation scheme 1649: The Puritan John Sharp of Bradford, on…
  • Mon Feb 05 09:53 'Without relent' etc in Ian Buruma's 'Murder in Amsterdam' re the Berberian-Islamist murder of Theo van Gogh. Local color, but what would the Dutch be? Old NYRB speculation that his English was deliberately unidiomatic (look, a Dutchman in NY!) or that he read too much poetry

  • Mon Feb 05 10:17 Comment: @BrynleyHeaven They'll need to clarify their view of Quasimodo
  • Tue Feb 06 02:27 Yorkshire Almanac: 6 February 2024: Then: 1906: A reporter gains exclusive access to the lonely entombment of Sheffield steel merchant Horatio Bright, a lapsed Jew, alongside his first wife and only son Now: Tonight: thick cloud, temperature 11°C (51°F),…
  • Tue Feb 06 10:57 What's a tringer? #earlymodern
  • Tue Feb 06 11:27 Cost of living: people apparently consuming furniture in their wood burners
  • Tue Feb 06 22:33 GF greatly enjoying TU Delft's introduction to one of the world's most charming languages. Now for some accommodation for May...
  • Wed Feb 07 02:05 Yorkshire Almanac: 7 February 2024: Then: 1685: Notables at York await the death of Charles II, planning to prevent anti-papists and other dissidents from disrupting the accession of James II 2018: On Twitter, Terry Robinson of Fleetwood (Lancs.)…
  • Wed Feb 07 10:09 Comment: @ActuaryByDay But I can't see a data takeout, & how's it going to make money when the funding runs out?
  • Wed Feb 07 10:23 A visit to Cuthbert Brodrick's Headingley Congregational Church last year, during the apparently interminable & shambolic redevelopment I miss being able to walk into urban churches for a quiet sit-down
  • Wed Feb 07 19:59 A pro says the infant holds her little old camera like a pro
  • Thu Feb 08 01:43 Yorkshire Almanac: 8 February 2024: Then: 1745: Pioneering but pennyless philologist Eugene Aram murders a wealthy Knaresborough wastrel Now: Tonight: light cloud, temperature 2°C (35°F), wind north easterly 8mph, visibility good, pressure 1002mb,…
  • Thu Feb 08 09:27 Intrigued educationalist observing one rampaging around with various infants: "Ah, so you PLAY with them!" Trick-cyclist S is the only other I see doing so. The notion that running around like siblings is necessary since capital prioritised imported labour over native natality.
  • Thu Feb 08 19:55 Not sure they really want this reposted
  • Thu Feb 08 20:27 Infant requested video of a train without windows during hair combing, & turned up Elizabeth Cotton's Freight Train
  • Fri Feb 09 01:22 Yorkshire Almanac: 9 February 2024: Then: 1719: The cartographer John Warburton (Bedale) sets out with his measuring wheel to continue his survey of Yorkshire and of potential subscribers Now: Tonight: heavy rain, temperature 3°C (37°F), wind north…
  • Fri Feb 09 06:49 Comment: Cotten. She's obviously playing left-handed but the guitar is strung for a right-hander & she's picking the melody with her thumb. Q: It's easy to put a trombone together to play left-handed, so why have I never seen anyone do it? Visuals of orchestral sections?
  • Fri Feb 09 06:54 To be fair, it's not just voters who think that Chief Secretary to the Treasury is just the PA Team Lead
  • Fri Feb 09 07:19 Wait, the OpenAI head is human?
  • Fri Feb 09 07:26 Comment:
  • Fri Feb 09 07:42 Just look at this bike lane machine! Leeds's Headingley Lane works cover a few yards & are still not operational after months
  • Fri Feb 09 08:08 Comment: @ianduhig Drs. P. is travelling in a similar direction in his Veerpont, dodgy translation: We stand here on the banks of a river swift and hot / The other shore is over there, and this one here is not.
  • Fri Feb 09 10:48 Bill Oddie, in the style of Joe Cocker: On Ilkla Moor Baht'at
  • Fri Feb 09 13:29 Comment: Bringer, probably
  • Fri Feb 09 14:43 What to call Headingley's North Hill, known by some as the Hill of Death and by others as Cardboard Hill? St Michael's Mount was a traditional name for the top, so on iconographic grounds I declare Hill of Death champion

  • Fri Feb 09 18:48 I thought that was to be the permanent archive for the Hillsborough Disaster, as per the Hillsborough Independent Panel, but it seems to have gone, & what remains is a mirror on an American nonprofit under threat from publishers
  • Fri Feb 09 21:22 Comment: Sarah Tyacke, ex-MD of the PRO, says ('Trusting the Records' @ 'Do Archives Have Value?' 2019) the site was offline in 2018 to avoid compromising court cases, & it seems to have remained so - but no explanation, & I suppose the possibility of prosecutions remains for eternity
  • Fri Feb 09 21:45 Comment: There's still a copy of the 2014-16 inquests , but it's so poorly archived that stuff like search doesn't work
  • Sat Feb 10 00:03 Yorkshire Almanac: 10 February 2024: Then: 1821: Sydney Smith describes for Edward Davenport the view from his rectory at Foston (Ryedale) Now: Tonight: light rain, temperature 3°C (37°F), wind westerly 5mph, visibility very poor, pressure 978mb,…
  • Sat Feb 10 07:49 Comment: @Sustrans @LGAcomms Greater powers in themselves will achieve little where councils are unwilling to enforce (electoral/personal reasons) & there's no citizen reporting mechanism. For example, Ealing has had those powers for 50 years, but pavement parking is endemic and enforcement symbolic.
  • Sat Feb 10 08:36 I can remember when John Kenney's Ladybird Henry VIII looked fat
  • Sat Feb 10 10:17 Comment: @judetheconfused @ianduhig Alfred is my neighbour, I'll go and ask him. Oops, sorry, he's on the other side.
  • Sat Feb 10 12:02 Comment: @ianduhig @judetheconfused A lady nearby swears she has his collected works on her shelves, but declined to nominate his greatest excess.
  • Sun Feb 11 02:39 Yorkshire Almanac: 11 February 2024: Then: 1448: Henry VI liberates York from Yorkshire 1674: A successful national fast Now: Tonight: heavy rain, temperature 7°C (44°F), wind northerly 6mph, visibility poor, pressure 986mb, humidity 97%, UV risk 0/11,…
  • Mon Feb 12 01:20 Yorkshire Almanac: 12 February 2024: Then: 1677: Heavy snow leaves Oliver Heywood unsure whether to cross the Pennines into Lancashire Now: Tonight: partly cloudy, temperature 4°C (39°F), wind south westerly 11mph, visibility good, pressure 996mb,…
  • Mon Feb 12 10:06 Comment: @LeedsTours I had a chat with various people about setting up a curious brass band in NW Leeds, but kids don't learn & their parents don't practise
  • Mon Feb 12 17:11 We got an allotment! Now the infant needs to make a planting plan.
  • Mon Feb 12 23:48 RT @rcscribbler: As #progrock is trending and it's virtually 6 years since I tweeted this, I'm retweeting this.
  • Tue Feb 13 00:57 Yorkshire Almanac: 13 February 2024: Then: 1669: Oliver Heywood's sons set off from Northowram to Heath Grammar School, Halifax, without having learned their Latin 1796: Marshall and the Benyons' linen factory at Leeds burns down with the loss of eight…
  • Wed Feb 14 00:36 Yorkshire Almanac: 14 February 2024: Then: 1400: Richard II possibly dies a prisoner in Pontefract Castle, but probably not as described by Shakespeare 1482: Robert Rede Gyrdewler tells the York authorities of pub canvassing in favour of Thomas…
  • Wed Feb 14 22:55 Gardening advice
  • Wed Feb 14 23:34 Back of Ralegh Radford's head
  • Thu Feb 15 00:14 Yorkshire Almanac: 15 February 2024: Then: 1647: "A stranger and pilgrim in the world," Adam Eyre of Thurleston determines in his will where and how he is to be buried Now: Tonight: light rain, temperature 11°C (52°F), wind southerly 10mph, visibility…
  • Thu Feb 15 20:59 Back from town on the bus with infant, scooter, shopping. The seat across the aisle from the infant is dominated by a large West Indian lady, &, though I try to squeeze on discreetly, sustained thigh contact is unavoidable. After a while she clears her throat: "Mild, isn't it."
  • Fri Feb 16 02:51 Yorkshire Almanac: 16 February 2024: Then: 1114: The morbidly obese Archbishop Thomas II of York ignores medical advice and dies chaste, unlike an 18th century successor 1789: Thomas Paine writes to Thomas Jefferson telling of the "revolutionary" iron…
  • Fri Feb 16 16:06 All of Us Strangers is about to start, when an older lady walks in and sits next to a younger one: "I'll watch anything with Paul Mescal. I absolutely love him." When the lights come up, all the women (there are no men) are weeping, bar one: "I don't like him with a moustache."
  • Fri Feb 16 22:17 Giles doesn't care whether he uses imperial or metric units so long as they are related by a simple numerical operation
  • Sat Feb 17 02:30 Yorkshire Almanac: 17 February 2024: Then: 1801: Recent international arrivals and departures at the port of Hull 1995: Symbols of community decline in Leeds Now: Tonight: partly cloudy, temperature 8°C (46°F), wind south westerly 5mph, visibility…
  • Sat Feb 17 10:09 Songs for people whose memory of GCSE German consists of "um die Ecke." Obvs "Und ein Mensch geht um die Ecke,/ Den man Mackie Messer nennt." I thought Lili Marleen too, but no.
  • Sat Feb 17 21:11 Bloody hell, but policy it ain't
  • Sun Feb 18 02:06 Yorkshire Almanac: 18 February 2024: Then: 1889: An effigy of Jack Nelson, wife-beater, is paraded with rough music through Hedon (Holderness) by a furious crowd 1934: Leeds Labour triggers the first rent strike against a council by announcing higher…
  • Mon Feb 19 01:44 Yorkshire Almanac: 19 February 2024: Then: 1557: At a tithe hearing, Ra. Dicconson (60) of Malton recalls his visits as a pedlar to Kirkham Priory 40 years ago 1857: William Maddison goes into a burning Lundhill Colliery, Barnsley to look for survivors…
  • Mon Feb 19 10:44 Così fan tutti
  • Mon Feb 19 11:23 Someone kindly sent Wyn Thomas's Tryweryn: A New Dawn? I note that WP doesn't mention the jailing of Owain Williams during protests against the flooding of Capel Celyn, designed to guarantee Liverpool's water supply, nor the ovine revenge proposed in Owain's book Cysgod Tryweryn

  • Mon Feb 19 11:42 Comment: An old doubt: what would the (numerous) Liverpool Welsh have said had they been polled re the reservoir?
  • Mon Feb 19 13:27 Comment: @padsley Isn't the pearl-clutching actually people thinking: Labour doesn't want reform & will use devices like this to kick the can down the road?
  • Mon Feb 19 14:23 Comment: @HeadingleyNo1 Fancy dress?
  • Mon Feb 19 22:31 Nibbles the Book Monster
  • Tue Feb 20 00:20 Thoughts of Barcelona in spring, but either you're subject to the greatly expanded shkërdhatokracia of Ryanair & Easyjet, or it's forever on the train, if you can find one, & expenditure of arms & legs required. But there's always Bridlington.
  • Tue Feb 20 01:22 Yorkshire Almanac: 20 February 2024: Then: 1582: Part of the household inventory made on the death of farmer Richard Best of Elmswell, including his homebrew kit 1975: Alan Bennett on Leeds, 'motorway city of the seventies' Now: Tonight: partly cloudy,…
  • Tue Feb 20 07:34 Expressions of amorous intent for the infant from a football-mad peer, reputed to be the son of a prosperous builder, so the succession is assured. Only doubt is that he said, "Can I be your girlfriend?" Which might explain the tutus.
  • Tue Feb 20 09:34 "Zero carbon tailpipe emission waste collection in Cambridge", also on North Hill Rd, Leeds, apparently replacing the zero-carbon guy who used to sit there for an hour with his engine running checking Facebook (pic FMJ)
  • Wed Feb 21 01:01 Yorkshire Almanac: 21 February 2024: Then: 1688: Shrove-Tuesday cock-throwing York apprentices break a Catholic window, and the militia intervenes, violating their civic rights 1718: Elizabeth Hodgson and William Reeston are excommunicated in St.…
  • Wed Feb 21 11:48 I had assumed that the lady who had a large spliff to celebrate Queenie's platinum was celebrating her 90th yesterday, but she is 75
  • Thu Feb 22 00:39 Yorkshire Almanac: 22 February 2024: Then: 1865: Rioters besiege the Park Square, Leeds home of surgeon and magistrate Henry Chorley on the release from Armley Gaol of his dripping-thief cook Eliza Stafford Now: Tonight: heavy rain, temperature 7°C…
  • Fri Feb 23 00:17 Yorkshire Almanac: 23 February 2024: Then: 1832: The son of the landlord of the Five Lions Inn, Walmgate, York is carried across the River Foss by a runaway Galloway pony 1863: The Rev Samuel Gray of Cundall tries to make school interesting for a nervous…
  • Fri Feb 23 11:53 Blog: “Syrian woman distributing blankets to European refugee children during World War 2” But what’s the real story?
  • Fri Feb 23 20:52 Comment: @drdhiggins Mr's bigamy has been discovered. We hear them most nights, often flying within 50 m, but never seen them.
  • Fri Feb 23 21:05 Machete fight videos are quite common now, but I've never seen a weapon with a DIY (falchion-ish) crossguard, used in European sword design for the last 1000 years. Shouldn't this be in the national curriculum, or would crossguards snag on jogging bottoms?
  • Fri Feb 23 21:07 Comment: For no particular reason: Douglas Fairbanks fights a bald antagonist
  • Sat Feb 24 02:53 Yorkshire Almanac: 24 February 2024: Then: 1631: Samuel Rabanke ensures that after his death the people of Danby (Scarborough) will recall his fondness for the number nine 1673: Oliver Heywood regrets impulsively baptising the child of an irresponsible…
  • Sat Feb 24 09:10 Comment: @BrynleyHeaven @ianvisits Like the Indian conversions in NW Leeds - almost certainly a remote control gate too
  • Sun Feb 25 02:30 Yorkshire Almanac: 25 February 2024: Then: 1879: 500 await the black flag signalling the hanging at Armley Gaol (Leeds) of Charles Peace, steelworker, violinist, picture-framer, burglar, stalker, murderer Now: Tonight: fog, temperature 0°C (31°F), wind…
  • Sun Feb 25 22:02 Not sure all Indian restaurants in Ilkley are abiding by the average 48 hour week - rarely encountered men as exhausted & smelly as the pair on the Leeds bus. Poetically pungent moment as we passed the (closed) Kashmiri Aroma
  • Mon Feb 26 02:08 Yorkshire Almanac: 26 February 2024: Then: 1787: William Butterworth of Leeds arrives at Grenada from Calabar on the Hudibras (Liverpool) with the survivors of a cargo of 360 slaves Now: Tonight: partly cloudy, temperature 3°C (38°F), wind northerly…
  • Tue Feb 27 01:48 Yorkshire Almanac: 27 February 2024: Then: 1390: Richard Ellerbeck, mercer, walks into York Council on the Ouse bridge with a question for Ralph del See 1717: Julia Calverley of Esholt Hall completes ten panels of needlework currently displayed at…
  • Tue Feb 27 10:29 How come Unicode has a symbol for a pouting cat but not for an event?
  • Tue Feb 27 11:32 Talking of Horizon and the Post Office: Oxfam outlets' point-of-sale system has a glitch which sometimes subtracts items from the bill
  • Tue Feb 27 12:49 Chubby Punjabi bloke on a library computer appeared to be masturbating while viewing pictures of pizzas. I remember The Italian Job rather differently
  • Tue Feb 27 12:50 Comment: Another chap talking about a metric clock. I think he meant digital
  • Tue Feb 27 14:50 - Isn't that beautiful! You feel in the middle of something incredibly hopeful! Compare that with now - Corny Trelawny & psychopaths shouting n----! - Yeah, but they knocked down the pub a couple of years later.
  • Wed Feb 28 01:26 Yorkshire Almanac: 28 February 2024: Then: 1863: William Allison (11) goes mouse-hunting at Cundall with a fellow-pupil 1867: The lawyer of Thomas Higginbottom, a Dewsbury baker, tells magistrates that his client's previous conviction for sexual assault…
  • Thu Feb 29 01:05 Yorkshire Almanac: 29 February 2024: Then: 1824: Prophet John Wroe is baptised in the Aire near Apperley Bridge on the Leap Day before an audience of 30,000 Now: Tonight: light rain, temperature 7°C (45°F), wind westerly 13mph, visibility moderate,…
  • Thu Feb 29 10:29 Re assisted dying: old jokes about Britain having been a mortal terminus ever since Homo antecessor arrived and began cannibalising his relatives
  • Thu Feb 29 12:58 An uncertain spring - the new April: a large Bangladeshi lady in all her winter coats is followed by a slim Anglo-Caribbean student in short halter top & handbag
  • Thu Feb 29 23:01 Mob rule, on the road to Otley. I find the 2nd image curious: the notion that such cars were made at a time when being a "real man" involved technical competence (ability to avoid impinging on the pavement...), whereas now emotional incontinence is more valued

  • Thu Feb 29 23:12 Jimmy's new bird

Bizarrely, Twitter data downloads don't include others' comments on your tweets, or tweets on which you comment, e.g.:

/ I say something
// Someone replies
/// I reply to them
... and so it's impossible to show tweet trees involving third parties correctly.

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