beer found on mars

Mars… or so says the Colorado-based New Belgium Brewing Company, which gives employees free beer, bicycles, and trips to Belgium and runs the first wind-powered brewery in the US. Sounds good to me, said this sinkhole for Belgian beer, angling for a freebie XL Fat Tire t-shirt.

There’s an unfortunate tendency to take advertising claims like this with much too large a pinch of Ernst “In heaven there ain’t no beer/That’s why we drink it here” Neubach. Although I certainly don’t intend to stop drinking in this world, I feel encouraged in my conviction that there must be something up there by the fact that (ignoring linguistic niceties) one of the first great observers of Mars was one Wilhelm Beer. Wilhelm’s brother was the composer Jakob, popularly known by his pseudonym Meyerbeer, and his first observatory was in Berlin’s Tiergarten, where beer and delusions of a perfect world have often coincided, albeit briefly. (Check the ones on TV Hill in Kabul too.)

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