free transfer

Bad news: the cat has become a coke addict and has taken up snooker.

evil bald magicians and the nebraskan muslim millennium

Amid celebrations of plane crashes and the imminent extermination of everyone congenitally uncongenial (uncongenital?) to a deranged fascist from Omaha, Malcolm ZZZ in his must-read 1963 Alex Haley interview for Playboy makes the following interesting assertion: When I’m traveling around the country, I use my real Muslim name, Malik Shabazz. I make my hotel reservations…

Pussyfooting around

The cat has learnt how to play football. She can do sideways passes and penalty shootouts with a pencil stub and we’re now working on basic cocaine technique.


The use of an Anglicism, esquàter, is a grave handicap to the popular struggle against the neoliberal Satan and should be resisted. Although esquàter obviously hasn’t yet made it into the Catalan-Valencian-Balearic dictionary of the Institut d’Estudis Catalans, okupa, the normal usage, doesn’t appear either. So what does the right-thinking bourgeois Catalan say to the…

when i say fast, i mean slow

Belgium is, of course, not the only country with problems. Why does urgent post from Barcelona to Britain take longer than the regular service?

curse of the snail: registered email in belgium

No, it’s not a Belgian joke: in Belgium you can send your email and have it delivered, registered, by a smelly man with a severe drinking problem, all for only €9.84. The business offering this innovative service, Certipost, is a joint venture between the dismal old state telecom and post businesses, Belgacom and De Post,…

Journey to the depths of the Soviet b3-34 calculator

There has hitherto been little acknowledgement of the pivotal role of the B3-34 Soviet programmable calculator in popularising difficult topics like marine and space exploration. Sergei Frolov (author of essays like Bugs, Undocumented and Interesting Features of Soviet Calculators and an interesting introduction to early Soviet semiconductors, and a pretty good photographer of butterflies) is…

all madrid’s fault

If, as Francesc Ferrer writes, the Carod scandal is a Madrilenian plot to discredit Catalan nationalism, why did Carod fall for it? He’s not a Spanish agent, is he?

talk tonight

If you’re not already tied up (or down) this evening, try to make it along to the Institut d’Estudis Catalans (Carme 47), where John Barrass, director and editor of Barcelona Business, is giving a talk at 19:30 entitled Invertir a Catalunya: totxos, cargols i carreteres. I think it’s open to all, and, with Aragon apparently…