Say it like Beckham

David Beckham and Andalusian chanteur David Bisbal are the public figures most admired by Madrilenian schoolchildren aged 6-12, according to a new survey. While the missus is admired elsewhere for the form, if not the functioning, of her aural receptors, I suspect that Becks the voice artist may eventually revolutionise English teaching in Spain. Says Timmy during a discussion on London accents on Antimoon:

I quite like Becks accent – there’s something kind of cute about it (I’m a girl btw, in spite of my name. Just in case you were wondering… *grins*). Some might call it simple, but anyone can sound posh, sophisticated and intellectual with a bit of practice.

Media rights enforcement related to stuff like the Vodafone contract means that it’s still quite difficult to obtain audio files of the great mumbler, so our antimonianists fret wantonly but without fruit over whether Leytonstone precurses Strine. On another thread entitled “How to learn a British accent,” Michelle, a lone voice of conservative rectitude, smites the relativists with a great oughta:

Hi I’m British if you want to talk like a british person all you have to do is make sure your bottom jaw is aligned with the top row of your teeth and then start saying some words and it just comes out.


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