ghit (iii): interesting news

Over a couple of lunchtime drinks today a culturecrat intimated that it might be possible to fast-track ghit into the official dictionary of a widely spoken Romance language. Being first with this kind of thing is important – just think of the PR.

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  1. Someone obviously forgot to explain to him what a lunchtime drink with you entails.

  2. Trevor, language doesn’t work like that – top down. i would be very surprised if you get it in the dictionary.

  3. Indeed, but that is the way civil servants operate. In another couple of months orders will have been passed down to the chalk face and parents waiting for their children at the end of school will hear them chanting “Ghit, ghit, ghit!” at their teacher.

  4. The British civil service (or what’s left of it) would probably put it out to tender, with consultants invited to recommend the appropriate curriculum stage in which to fit ‘ghit’. Why don’t you suggest it to Mr Letwin?

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