Running or cycling whilst drunk may result in unanticipated (but not always unwelcome) entanglements with trees and shrubs. Mr Kouessi A Rene of Benin has monetised this concept and become a “manufacturer of alcoholics extracted from plants,” which he seems to be exhibiting at the 9th Ghana International Trade Fair. I used often to end…

More Gulliver

I assume (because I want to) that Gulliver’s Travel Agency organises theme holidays that commence with a dwarf bondage session and end with a celebrity lunch during which Messrs Yahoo, Jerry Yang and David Filo, reveal the depravity and brutishness behind those billion dollar grins. I wonder (because I have nothing to better to do)…

is that factory going to give me cancer?

That’s what this new Dutch website, Recht om te Weten (The Right to Know), aims to tell you. And it’s not the work of some nutter: the Dutch environment ministry is paying for it and it’s being run by a bunch of environmental organisations with support from the University of Nijmegen. What it does is…

Life better in Barcelona than Pittsburgh

… but worse than in Winston Salem (who he?), according to the new Mercer quality of life survey. Both Madrid (38= with New York) and Barcelona (44= with Lexington) are up six, Shanghai is rocketing, and Zurich wins as usual, despite no one wanting to go there. Why pay $250 for a report which says…


“The first Project was to shorten Discourse by cutting Polysyllables into one, and leaving out Verbs and Participles, because in reality all things imaginable are but Nouns.”


Languagehat is evangelising, but, although the goal of providing extended Latin script support is excellent, Gentium still doesn’t hack it as a screen font. Here’s a chunk of Revolutionary Workers Party ideology in 9, 10 and 12 point rendered using MSIE6:

ready teddy go

Gadgetopia asks whether we’re not reaching saturation point when even cuddly toy retailers have RSS feeds. Here’s a (Netscape-unfriendly) rendering of Bear St’s: Via The Shifted Librarian.