Running or cycling whilst drunk may result in unanticipated (but not always unwelcome) entanglements with trees and shrubs. Mr Kouessi A Rene of Benin has monetised this concept and become a “manufacturer of alcoholics extracted from plants,” which he seems to be exhibiting at the 9th Ghana International Trade Fair.

I used often to end up in the back of a cab driven by someone who had, he said, been a fixed income product specialist in Lagos and who was saving up to go back and start an investment boutique. He was such a nice and clever man that I hope in a way he hasn’t made it back home, where on Ghanaweb an interesting discussion is underway as to whether “it’s legally incorrect and wrong to enyoy your wife everyday.”

Every day, says Guest, “provided it is consexual.” Kotipo is not impressed by this and notes that

english common law on which we built our stipulates that a man shall likewaise make his spouse enjoy the act of sex. this means that you shall give her diverse styles; for example doggy doggy. and thou shalt never cease to lick her always. do these and thou shalt be in the leagl confines of the law

George W Bush is obviously more influential than we thought.

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    Trevor on Kaleboel has been reading Ghana Web and discovers a guest saying that English common law requires a man to make his spouse enjoy the act of sex. I don’t seem to recall this coming up at the College…

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