Nineteenth century Welsh family history

Fortunately I am fluent in Welsh and can divulge to you exactly what is going on here. Thomas and Simon are down the pub kicking various unpleasant stuff out of each other, as usual. “I’m going to America,” shouts Thomas, making a bolt for the door. “No you’re bloody not,” shouts Simon, collaring him just…

french press rules

According to this Expatica story, Newsweek has had to ask permission to start a French edition. Does that just mean filling in forms promising you’re not going to torture the workers nor give them burgers for lunch, or do you have to buy the minister dinner and give assurances re editorial attitudes? (This is not…

karl rahner on demand

JA Millán points out that Barcelona’s Herder Editorial has gone over to print-on-demand. Given the nature of their catalogue (lots of Catholic history and theology), that’s a decision that is unlikely to make the world’s forests tremble like a Melief drinker. (That wasn’t a real post.)


Busy again with a whirl of things, probably till Monday, so here again is the lonely howl of Radio Tirhana from the 70s: