Right, so a small bunch of neo-Nazi thugs has slaughtered a couple of hundred ordinary people in pursuit of its dream of an ethnically pure homeland. If you’re a peace-loving student what do you do? Hold a spontaneous demonstration against it, of course:


Hey, but wait a minute, why pause in front of a local army building in order to shout insults, and what do all those placards say? Yep, that’s right,



About 300 of these scum passed along here an hour ago.

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  1. Maybe Carod will explain one day what kind of compromise he thinks can be reached with people who say they are going to carry on killing until they achieve their fundamental, racist goal. Would he say to Otegi, yeah, you win, but you only get one province to cleanse, not all of them?

  2. Other people still want to create a moral equivalence between Spanish peacekeepers in Iraq and criminals in Spain. Read lecool where it says «Today we felt it close by, but we must never forget that there also other bombs and other victims.»

  3. Fuck all the terrorist and the people who want to speak with them
    VIVA ESPAÑA!!!!!!!!



  5. I thought using words such as “scum” to refer to people with different views than yours was what Nazis did.

    What’s your point Trevor, what are you trying to prove to the world with your blog? What if Al Quaeda’s behind this carnage after all and the PP’s just hell-bent on setting Spanish Nationalist extremists like yourself and your pals in uniform on peaceful, unarmed Catalans for the sake of the holy unity of the mummified Spanish empire? It doesn’t matter in the very least if you’re showed up for the provocator you really are? The Catalans don’t have a state of their own, anyway, they’re SCUM, as you kindly point out, aren’t they? so you think you can get away with murder. Do you want to start a low-intensity civil war of your own, and become the foreign minister of a self-styled Spanish-speaking Republika Srpska? I’m afarid Catalonia isn’t Bosnia, not even the Basque Country, you’re flogging a dead horse. I’d move your death-bringing operation somewhere else, where hatred takes root more easily. You could go back home and start a campaign denouncing all Welsh people as arsonists and terrorists, thereby relying on your PP cookbook. Anyway, you’ll erase all this as soon as you see it, as usual.

  6. It doesn’t make any difference if ETA did it or Al Quaeda did. If you write [democratic party] = [criminal gang] you’re Nazi scum

  7. Den: that phrase in your first comment might actually be an expression of solidarity with victims of terrorism elsewhere rather than a cynical attack on the Spanish government.

    Llewelyn, or whatever you’ve decided to call yourself with your new IP (it’s actually spelt Llewellyn, but who cares): I keep banning you because you’re a green-ink crazy-man with a phenomenal rubbish-to-reason ratio. You’re a big yaaaawwwwnnnnn.

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