So what about Ramos?

They’ve nailed Jack Kelley of USA Today, so when are we going to hear some news from Josep Maria Casasús on the fate of La Vanguardia’s plagiarising illiterate, Rafael Ramos? (Here he is with some more porkies in the Independent, full text on al-Jazeerah.)

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  1. He’s finished now. Sooner or later someone at the Indie’s going to put his name into Google, which produces your original post.

  2. Sorry, I can’t see any plagiarism this time around, he’s obviously written a piece that’s been printed twice by two syndicated outlets, so what?

  3. Sorry Mr Name-Changer, never intended to suggest any this time round, just that the man is still out there producing rubbish when so many other plagiarists have been sacked.

  4. Wow, Trevor, I’d call this overreacting. A bit jumpy today, aren’t you? None of that hard-earned Anglo-saxon phlegm left in you? I thought that was the trick they tried to teach to hot-tempered Taffy at the Royal Welsh Fusilliers…

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