Mr Ramos is making it up again

PL just sent me what he believes is a made-up story by La Vanguardia’s plagiarist moron in London, Rafael Ramos, the essence of which is that the City thinks that our new leader, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, is just wonderful. There are a number of problems with the article:

  1. Various businesses in the City include the phrase “Global Investments” in their name, but I’ve never heard of one called just that. I suspect, therefore, that the Jody Morrison quote is an invention.
  2. Similarly, I’ve never come across a business in the City called Northeastern Securities. There are various companies in the States that include those words in their trading names, but New Jersey isn’t exactly Fenchurch Street. No one in their right mind would use the phrase in England because it would imply a relationship with Hackney or Hull. I think, therefore, that the Alice Foster quote is an invention.
  3. I do not believe that there is a company anywhere in the world called Pacific and Overseas Credit. I believe that Philip Augustus (heard that name before somewhere…) and his quote are also invented.
  4. I’m not aware of any evidence from markets anywhere indicating a welcome for Zapatero’s assertion that his government would not be an interventionist one.

I think this guy has decided that he’s not going to be sacked whatever he does. Nice work if you can get it.

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