People stopping bombs

Maybe the British have had more practice than the Spanish, but while the Metropolitan Police and MI5 (“keep garden areas free from dense shrubbery“) public information campaigns are very professional, here I haven’t seen anything. Does the Spanish state really have such a low opinion of its citizens’ abilities?

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  1. No, neither have I. I call it ‘head-in-sand’ syndrome.

    The events in Madrid these past few weeks don’t seem to have wakened anyone up. That’s not to say that a lot is not being done covertly: I’m sure it is. But it would be nice to *see* something being done publicly, if only to reassure the population at large.

    My partner’s always amazed by how much she has seen – through the two British TV channels that we receive (Sky News and BBC World) – with regard to our [British] ‘preparedness’ firstly in the prevention of attacks and secondly, the expected emergency service response should one occur. Even Fox and CNN give coverage to the efforts of the British authorities.

    She sees all of these clips demonstrating what the British Government and police are doing and sits there, scratching her head and thinking out loud … ‘well, why’s that not happening here?’

    Is the problem money? Time? Resources? Or is it just ‘we’d better not scare the crap out of everyone’?

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