In defence of “ghit” pronounced with a “g”, not a “j”

How fine is the sound of the military mock-Arabic word for a pregnant camel!

Geoff Pullum wants to spell my precious neologism “Ghit”. This is fairermore sense, but it should continue to be pronounced like the British military mock-Arabic for pregnant camel, git. For Google is, like the pregnant camel before it, our salvation in the desert. As the Koran points out:

When the sun shall be darkened,
when the stars shall be thrown down,
when the mountains shall be set moving,
when the pregnant camels shall be neglected,
when the savage beasts shall be mustered,
when the seas shall be set boiling,
when the souls shall be coupled,
when the buried infant shall be asked for what sin she was slain,
when the scrolls shall be unrolled,
when the heaven shall be stripped off,
when Hell shall be set blazing,
when Paradise shall be brought nigh,
then shall a soul know what it has produced.

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