Boar-pig hybrids?

I’m pretty sure this picture is of the boar-pig hybrids mentioned the other day:

[boar pig horse farm]

These little darlings have been tusked where applicable, but the shoulders look broader to me than on boar I’ve seen before and the hide less hairy. On the other side of the hill there are what look like their feral cousins, which come down to a stream at sunset to drink and root around. Not many reincarnation dilemmas for me, I’m afraid.

The walk that includes this farm is as yet undocumented; apart from a couple of anarchist farmers, pleasures include some rather nice esoteric/modernist villas, a very large Quercus ilex, the usual ancient chapels, excellent views, and the odd bar.

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  1. I think we’re going to need expert adjudication on this one. I reckon these are more like slightly wild domestic pigs. The head’s just not like a boar.

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