Using images in online journalism: bloggers vs the olds

From DotJournalism:

Mr Kobré, author of the photojournalism bible ‘Photojournalism – The Professionals’ Approach’, says that even leading sites in the US and the UK such as the BBC and Guardian Unlimited have often ‘ghettoised’ and ‘segregated’ pictures from text. He says that while there has been a revolution in the use of photojournalism in newspapers, online sites have gone backwards.

The cause for this is simple: The Guardian, the NYT, and all the rest of the gang bought cumbersome, expensive content management systems which greatly please ant-fucking (Dutch reference) IT managers but which are disastrous for anyone who cares about the relationship between images and narrative. It is remarkable that free solutions, with suitable plugins, enable bloggers to create content which combines adequate archivability with the convincing integration of suitable images into the text.


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