Translation of Den Haag Connection rap calling for death of Dutch MP

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a highly talented Somali immigrant who started as a cleaning lady and, although still only in her mid-30s, was elected last time round to the lower chamber of the Dutch parliament on the VVD (liberal-right) ticket. She has been threatened frequently since being elected for describing Islam as a backward religion, an opinion which she later retracted, and for drawing attention to conservative Muslim misogyny.

Dutch-Moroccan rap group Den Haag Connection (DHC), whose other work is notably anti-Semitic and anti-women, released their Hirsi Ali Diss last summer (informally, they say; as a joke, they say) and, since the mainstream media is unlikely to do so, I’ve translated it (video below):

Fuck Hirsi Ali Somali
This is Ricco Chemicali
If it’s your turn fire a Scud rocket.
At that fucking slut, you’re cheaper than an Easyjet.
Two months in Holland and so smart already.
Fucking bitch, fucking whore, fucking shit stain. I’ll smack you in the mouth, break your neck.

What you are, what you think. You’re a token foreigner, act normal.
Cos I know where your lot [je hooitje] lives. Fucking whore, always looking for a chance.
With your sewn-up slit [dichtgenaaide snee] with the VVD hey in the shape of that fucking Zalm [VVD leader, Dutch finance minister; zalm = salmon].

Motherfucker how you can talk, if you don’t know what it’s about
Fuck CDA [Dutch Christian Democrat party], fuck VVD, this is DHC. Motherfucker with Volkert van der G [murderer of right-liberal populist, Pim Fortuyn].
What you are, what you think. Hardcore gangstershit, I’ll take care of that. You know.

We’re preparing a liquidation, a bomb attack, against Hirsi Ali.
That’s my reaction to the orders she said on TV talk about integration.
There’s no point because you remain a sick irritation. For your vaginal complication.
If there’s no vaccination or other medicine, then you’re better off not being my enemy, The Hague is my terrain. Fucking house nigger. I’ll stab you with a skewer because you’re dirty.
You’re a foreigner and you’re too arrogant. Dirty clone of a local.
Skeleton slut.
Like a dissident, off to your fucking Cabinet. Drivers just about get to see you.
Higher up because you’re fucking thin (fucking thin fucking thin)
Feeble AIDS patient.

First you were a Muslim now you’re a Jew in heavy trouble.
In Somalia you were happy with a bit of bread. You came here in a wooden boat.
You looked around and got a kick when Holland offered you asylum.
Because you came out of the gutter, like they say.
You blackened your own country more than you already were. Before you were in Holland.
Now you’re parliament’s slut here. You got a sticker off Zalm, the faggot.
Because you liked licking arse, now there’s shit on the nigger.
Cos you make me tired, you know what I’ll do? I’ll slice you in two and dump you in one of the seven seas.

I know you’re pissed that your cunt’s been taken off you [ie female circumcision]. Because you can’t get an orgasm any more.
Don’t worry, it’s your turn now.
for a single ticket back to the land of the sickly stench [?:meur]
land of unlimited sex, where 30 people sleep in a Luxaflex
You’re stuck in an inferiority complex,
Cos it’s nor relaxed this this tight tight text, adios fucking witch.

That’s smooth talk, eh
What do you think about it, eh
Den Haag Connection
You dirty foul filthy fucking tiny cockroach I’ll kick you to death.

The Dutch public prosecutor is charging the group, which includes “Omar Montana”, brother of the chairman of Belgian-Dutch Islamo-Nazi organisation, the Arab-European League, under article 121 of the Criminal Code. This is rarely used and allows the courts to punish those who prevent members of parliament from fulfilling their duty freely and without restriction with a life sentence, a sentence of 20 years at the most, or a fine.

This kind of stuff worries me deeply because, for example, despite Hirsi Ali having spent recent months in hiding or guarded by heavies, the courts, accustomed to the use of article 285 in these circumstances, will not be convinced. And because of the extensive support this kind of material enjoys in the Dutch neighbourhoods whence it came. It is not hard to see all of this ending in something considerably worse than tears.

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  1. Some American stuff gets about half as bad as this, but it’s always directed at fellow artists.

  2. There’s some pretty bad French things. I’ve got a dance track called “I want fuck you up the ass”, but it’s admittedly not rap

  3. ha ha ha charging people over a song??Can this country be any more ridiculous? And they wonder why dirty-ass criminals walk the streets here if courts deal with this kind of nonsense. There are enough things in this country to prosecute other than music, come on!

  4. ahahha haha people get a life. This is rap. And DHC is right though, if you would see that hypocrite of hirsi ali you all would agree with me. Allthough the language of the song could be a little less aggressive. But prosecute them for a song. hahahh hypocrite Holland. As soon there’s a song about a politician. Everybody makes a fuzz of it.

    In the Us there are hundreds od songs like this one about bush. That’s what’s rap is all about. Expressing your feelings

  5. So:
    – White boy sings about killing uppity niggers = neo-Nazi.
    – Arab boy sings about killing uppity niggers = OK.

  6. DHC is gewoon de shit, geen kankergrap maar real life over policticus hun zijn gewoon realistisch…ik heb respect voor hun, die dhc leden hadden niet opgepakt moeten worden….zonde…. DHC doe je ding schijt aan al die kankerhoeren….

  7. ik kom zo snel als een flits laat je komme pijpen als een bitch dhc the real-life westside ik kom jullie zo vermoorden kaker ibegas

  8. DHC is de shit. Iedereen weet dat hij voor 10 euro de vader van elke hoer had kunnen zijn. Kankerneger ze vult haar buik hier terwijl ze gewoon van de honger had moeten vergaan.
    DHC taking over!

  9. I’ve closed the comments on this post because of it seems to have become a shoutbox for ultra-racist/-sexist Belgian and Dutch Moroccans. I’ve also removed the decapitation comments; that’s not my scene, yet.

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