Burning nutter

Anyone know what the hell Vid is up to, c/o Yotro?

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  1. What is Vid doing?

    Looking for an earthmother who’d like to raise several children with him, actually.

    Any good women within a bus ride of Sydney, Australia, please email me if interested (correoyotro AT yahoo.es).

    Vid is an artist (not the precious type, obviously). A painter and sculptor from Bosnia. Another spicy ingredient in the multi-ethnic stew that is Australia.

    He is a good man, a good friend and a natural ham actor.

    Here you see him doing a Zulu war dance (undergraduate Bosnian version). Behind him you catch a glimpse of his five acres of land near Cessnock, a country area that is rapidly becoming a northerly extension of Sydney.

    There will be many fires ahead, I trust. Camp fires, yarn-spinning and bullshitting. Rough red wine, home-made bread and lamb-on-a-spit. ¡Ojalá!

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