Atheistic religion

The Francesc Pujols Nuevo Pascual thing last night was entertaining, not least for its distinctly sect-ish atmosphere. Mr Pujols’ disciples, you see, failed last year in their attempt to have the Scientific Catalan Religion accepted by the Ministry of Justice, which functions inter alia as regulator of the theistic industries.

Scientific Catalan Religion is apparently based on Mr P’s Hiparxiologi o ritual de la religió catalana and Pantologia and, l’Associació Francesc Pujols tells us, aims “to put Knowledge before Conviction and to subject both these concepts to Ethics in order to serve the General Interest, engendering Harmony in our minds, in our society, and on our planet.” This, like Unitarian Universalism, Judaistic Humanism, Buddhism, and other muddiers of the spiritual waters, is so ridiculously, so satisfyingly confused that I’m quite disturbed by their insistence that their desire to see their “religion” officialised is unrelated to the subsidies that the Spanish state doles out to Spaceship Heaven wackos, particularly those headquartered in Italy.

Atheology aside, the association says it is still looking for someone to take charge of its “Vocalia Interestelar”. Just the job for me, as long as they let me wear my Lee Perry matching corset and wig and call on the services of Captain Dave and the International Hosaphone Orchestra as and when required, or not. If someone sends me a PDF or hard copy of the book, I’ll also translate some excerpts here. It sounds rather good.

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