Fried asparagus

Just found out that “go fry asparagus” is an invitation to depart and engage in some other activity. Unfortunately it’s not an accurate translation of what Alistair Campbell actually wrote (3rd para).

Language Log/Chomsky

A linguist is voted the world’s top public intellectual, and Language Log has nothing at all to say about it. Since Liberman, Pullum et al are known for their complete lack of respect for sacred cows, does that mean they regard Chomsky as simply irrelevant?

Singing in Llantiol, December 18

We‘re doing a short show in Llantiol on Sunday December 18th at 23:00. It’s a cute, *little* theatre, with only about 70 capacity, so book etc etc. OK, it’s Sunday night, but no one does any work on the Monday before Christmas anyway. New repertoire will probably include a satire on language policy, Tom Lehrer…