Non-existent roads on Spanish maps

I’ve cycled south from Albacete via Yeste twice. On both occasions it would have been really nice to have had a direct road or track from Parolis / Parolix to Los Arroyos, but there just isn’t one, whatever all the maps say. The road from Miller up to the sierra does exist, but those extra 25km can be hard, particularly if everything’s under snow, as it was last time. (PS: Dear Michelin, Las Juntas is 8km further along from Parolis, as Marc Zoutendijk points out.)

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  1. I think you may be kind of wrong here. There is a forest track which goes from near the Arroyos turn-off round the north side of Mt. Espino and then wiggles about in the general direction of Parolis. I’ve never taken that part so that’s why I say kind of. The other part goes to the Collado de Góntar and then splits into two parts, one of which drops down to Madroño on the Segura just across from Miller, and the other of which takes you to the river Madera by various routes to the west of the Puntal de la Misa.

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