How to make head cheese (queso de cerdo)

In Argentina. In Kilburn (thanks Dave). (First mention in Corde is in Ventura de Peña y Valle, Tratado general de carnes (1832). That marrano means pig as well as a renegade converted Jew is probably explicable in non-cannibal terms, although with these Frankish types you never know.)

Ciutadans mainly took votes off PSC

WonkaPistas has done the numbers. S/he also kicks around the notion of a direct relationship between a fall in the PSC vote and a rise in that of ICV or IpC or whatever the commies call themselves.

The old ones are the best: In Mexico they speak Mexican…

Old man in coffee bar: “All this stuff from Ciutadans about encouraging bilingualism is a load of bollocks. I speak five languages, yeah, honest: Spanish, Ecuadorian, Peruvian, Argentinian and Mexican.” (This uses the same basic material as the one about the prostitute advertising her knowledge of modern languages: Cuban, Greek, French etc)