Rosemary used in making love

Rosemary has already been established as indispensable in combating Asiatic cholera. Here’s the proverb upon which such folk medicine may have been based:

El que pasa por romero y no lo coge,
si le viene algún mal que no se enoje.


If without plucking twixt rosemary you pass,
Don’t bemoan your leaky arse.

Sweeter is to be found in Notes and queries in 1855, courtesy of Google Books:

Quien pasa por romero, y no lo quiere coger,
Ni tiene amores ni los quiere tener!

Translated by Lord Nugent:

Who passeth by the rosemarie,
And careth not to take a spraye,
For woman’s love no care hath he,
Nor shall he, though he live for aye!

There’s no nuance in Nugent, so don’t start pissing on innocent herbs.

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