Basil trials

Would the benefits of a link have outweighed the risks of getting clobbered toute suite by Go Daddy activists? Probably not, so this counts as a favour.

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  1. ITYM « tout de suite ». Or maybe you’re being facetious, but you don’t give the impression of being sure enough of your French that you’re likely to do it in that direction.

    Yeah, it would be really cool if Language Log joined the 21st century and started behaving like a real blog, with comments. Oh well.

  2. (I was also thinking vaguely of what I confusedly remember as a lesbian trio called Toute Sweet or something like that who played Neil Diamond covers in a pub back room somewhere prior to what I guess was this boat party. After that I tried but failed to like Neil Diamond. I get on quite well with most lesbians, but not as well as I would have liked at the party)

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