The literal interpretation of the change is that Barcelona city council has ceased to concern itself with administration and now wishes to dedicate itself to the promotion of Catalan language and culture. The first I knew of it was when all my links all stopped working this afternoon. My guess is that Isabel Ricart, “Internet…

Fart thee not

Mr B has been struck through and through by gastric flu. Let that be a lesson.


Great Lord Bus SL, from Cerdanyola del Vall├Ęs. Great lords may travel by palanquin, phaeton or Pullman, as well as on occasion by tumbril, but they don’t do buses, even when visiting casinos.

Chinese government attacks on

Apart from principle, there are practical reasons to object strongly to attempts by the Chinese government (via BB) to damage and destroy it’s a brilliant, unique resource, the examination of the often weird premises, analysis and conclusions of whose content helps one begin to understand how great portions of the world, including China, got…