In praise of “guionación”

Margaret of Fürth comments on the online edition of Ronald McIntosh and David Fawthrop’s A discussion of the changing principles of word division, now implemented by computers, in British English and American English, with notes on hyphenation of 39 other languages, which is even longer than its title.

The notes on hyphenation in Spanish observe that “quality printing houses prefer to avoid a variety of so-called ‘rude’ letter combinations from occurring at line-ends”, eg artí-culo, am-polla (any -coños out there?).

Before this post there was only one guionación ghit, standard usage being barbarous concoctions like unir con un guión, join with a hyphen.

Even silabación (check these rules) doesn’t seem to be a hugely popular, and the only user in CORDE is Gregorio Mayans y Siscar in his early C18th writings on the Spanish language.

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