Online Moroccan Arabic-Spanish dictionary

I’ve been out and about rather a lot recently, so warm thanks to MM for pointing out a post by Carlos Ferrero at Las palabras son pistolas cargadas on new(-ish) translation blogs. The most interesting one from my perspective is the Arab-Spanish Turjuman árabe, whose contents include a link by Khaled Musa to the online…

Old Spanish pharma ads

Posted by ex-novo, via BB. Check me following last night’s encounter with Ms G & Co.

Orange mobile contract blurb clones

I want to do something quite simple: change from Vodafone to Movistar or Amena-Orange so I get reception in the Pyrenees, while keeping the same phone (a stream-personalised Nokia 3310), number and pre-pay accountability. When I say this shop assistants laugh uneasily and reach under the counter for the bat, and online things are no…

Noncommutative geometry

Here‘s why I had a bugger of a time trying to imitate with compass, ruler and pencil the more complex designs I dug up after my first trip into parts Islamic. And it’s got a name that’s new to me and a whole host of experts, it has. (Via Stefan Geens, and do read the…


“Boynamedsue is a collective of Italian anarchists living in a tunnel below the Condis supermarket on Plaça Maragall.” Apparently. Can you visit them? (John lived in a tunnel near Bath for a while. What’s the posh word for a tunnel-dweller?)

C15th and 16th Catalan hearth tax data

Over at the regional stats service. I haven’t found anything useful to do with it, but others will. A hearth tax has always seemed to me like a fiendishly difficult thing to administer, if easier than sheep.

In praise of “guionación”

Margaret of Fürth comments on the online edition of Ronald McIntosh and David Fawthrop’s A discussion of the changing principles of word division, now implemented by computers, in British English and American English, with notes on hyphenation of 39 other languages, which is even longer than its title. The notes on hyphenation in Spanish observe…