Champions League Final menu

In another bar in the village-over-the-hill aforementioned:

Lettuce in fearsome red wine vinegar

Little bony bits of baby goat wrapped in stomach in a mushroom sauce

Intestines of baby goat stuffed with rice and lungs, kidneys, liver etc

Roasted baby goat head

Pudding made of milk from the mothers of new-born calves

Red wine, coffee, tea and whisky

I think 15 goats must have died in order that the twenty of us wake up feeling dreadful. I’ve forgotten the names of the pudding and a couple of other dishes, never mind attempting this kind of analysis.

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  1. A nice variant, from Delibes Diario de un cazador: “ser más despistada que un chivo en un garaje”, more or less “crazier than a goat in a garage”.

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