Corruptest nation

P tells of an interesting upcoming case in N in southern Albacete. The Forestry Commission planted trees on substantial areas of private land in the vicinity without asking permission and now wants to sue landowners for the value of the lumber. The latter submit that in 12 years none of the trees has grown above waist-height–the ground was completely unsuitable–and that by an amazing coincidence the contractor for the operation was owned by the head of the Commission, who has since retired and may feasibly simulate Alzheimer’s if called to testify. The site visit by representatives of both sides took place last winter in sub-zero temperatures, and all had to shiver in a hut while a semi-literate Civil Guard, who acts as a kind of extraordinary notary in such cases, one-finger-typed the report. Ammunition for a mini-series there, although not particularly encouraging for taxpayers or property purchasers.

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