L’Independent, a government-financed, ovine local rag, which has turned off its WP feeds and whose Feedburner URL is http://feeds.feedburner.com/tu_codigo_feedburner. Sigh…

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  1. Today the link to the phoney Feedburner feed has disappeared, and the footer has changed. L’Independent is on the move!

    Just how much subsidy do they get for their 100 hits a day?

  2. Well if they keep an eye on their stats, they will probably have noticed a ‘spike’ of 10 visits from this very blog, and may have had the sense to check out what you were saying about them.

    I subscribed to it but have discovered that unfortunately it’s just damnably boring.

  3. Dear Independent,

    We hereby propose the following outline deal:

    * You pay us 90% of your subsidies and any other revenues, and say nice things about us to your funders and advertisers.
    * We will write and publish online and on paper an interesting newsletter targeted at your current audience which will increase readership by factor 5 within 12 months.


    The Guiri Mafia

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