Why I buy my wine cheap from a bodega owned by ignorant peasants

They don’t screw around with it like the brand marketeers do. Fact #6 from a good post by Ryan Opaz helps us understand why a sizeable proportion of new Spanish wine is toxic piss: “Oak aged wines that come in under 10euros/dollars/pounds are 9.9 times out of ten flavored with chips/oak slats/oak tea bags. ‘Aged in French Oak’ should read, ‘Aged with French oak’.”

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  1. “why a sizeable proportion of new Spanish wine is toxic piss”

    This is not Spanish wine I’m talking about, this is all wine. France does it, Italy does it, America and many more…Not just an Iberian thing

  2. If they sold foreign wine in Spanish supermarkets I’d be able to put that to the test.

    It is regrettable that wine critics don’t indulge in more frequent and specific finger pointing, but I suppose we all have to earn a living.

  3. I’ll point a big finger – Spend less then ten pounds/euros/dollars and your tasting manipulation. The real question though is does it matter…since most, including professionals routinely can not tell the difference.

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