Enterprising Romanian gypsy beggar

Crouched on the street with the usual placard. A granny passes:
–5 cents, for the love of God!
–Sorry, no.
–Well then let me give you a lucky gypsy kiss! (Leaps up and embraces the granny, despite her protests.)
–Oh all right then. Wait, I want to give you 20 cents.
–Thanks, I’ve already got it.
Tribes continue to be rounded up and deported. These are clearly not racist razzias because, unlike the Italians, we have a socialist government.

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  1. “Tribes continue to be rounded up and deported. These are clearly not racist razzias because, unlike the Italians, we have a socialist government.” – really? Are gypsies being placed in camps outside the city, forcefully, and then ‘processed’ for expulsion, despite being Spaniards? Could you tell me where this is happening, please?

  2. (The problem was displaced from Barcelona in the course of 2007, when large numbers were evicted from Barcelona and ended up in worse conditions in Santa Coloma, Badalona etc. If there is a contrast between the Italian and the Spanish approaches, it is probably that Italy has tried to figure out how many there are and provide services, whereas Spain has sought to deny access to services and has little apparent interest in the extent of the problem.)

  3. So it’s not the same thing at all then?

    This is as bad as when John Barrass said the Generalitat was involved in ‘genocide’ because they published HIV AIDS literature in Catalan.

  4. The bottom line is that everyone is determined to make these people go somewhere else and the Italians have been openly bureaucratic about it, while the Spanish have been … rather Spanish about it. As is normal when gypsies get involved, this thing doesn’t align along right-left lines, and it seems to me a bit lazy to claim it does.

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