Why less democracy is better for Europe

Peter Mandelson on how fortunate we are that the European Commission is unelected, remote, unaccountable, and a major bureaucracy.

I’ve got no principled beef with GMOs, but I do find it remarkable and objectionable that the European Commission has decided to ignore European consumer resistance and national political ambivalence and license a GM sweet corn for production (while simultaneously delivering another blow to the concept of the European single market by allowing countries to opt out). I am sure that those of you who think likewise will relish the unscripted comments 30:00 into this unconnected talk given last week by Peter Mandelson at SciencesPo, France’s nursery for its oligarchy, in which he explains that the best thing about the European Commission is that it is unelected, remote, unaccountable, and a major bureaucracy:

The presentation is entitled “Facing up to Europe’s growth deficit”, but you may be able to think of more appropriate meta-information.

(H/t: G. Don’t worry, I didn’t listen to the whole bloody thing.)

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