Guerrilla gardening in Barcelona

Check out Alex on the birth, death, and resurrection of a patch of green. Contrary to what some may suspect, it wasn’t this neighbour who closed down v0.1 but the owner of this bookshop, who apparently preferred the redundant building site opposite her living room window to be occupied by filth and the occasional junky.…

Call me Trebots

A rather nice example of apocopation and suffixation in Catalan Spanish.

Trebonanius Gallus: completely unrelated. (Photo of the emperor at the Met <a href=''>CC</a> by Pharos.)

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The powers that be have suggested I start sharing walking tour information for Barcelona and other places which is of no commercial use to me and may be of practical assistance to others, so here for starters are some hints on where (not) to eat and sleep on parts of the GR-99, GR-85 and GR-73,…