With a FROB in the throat: but what’s wrong with moderately fucked translation?

At a crucial moment in Spain’s fortunes, the bank restructuring fund (Fondo de Reestructuración Ordenada Bancaria, FROB) has come up with a lousily translated Powerpoint (h/t) explaining what’s being done. But anyone with half a brain can figure out what they’re trying to say (partly because it’s so bland, and unrevealing of the crucial numbers),…

Video of David Icke making payments to aliens in Barcelona

Curiously Mr Icke’s talk on holographic herpetology was promoted by the Neuro-Linguistic Programming clique, which he elsewhere considers a Satanic mafia. I sense a conspiracy, or a prophet who, suitably clothed, might earn a tad more on the Ramblas.

Weeding planner

Conjugal Bliss, or You Always Hurt The One You Love. It’s a interlingual malapropism, but let’s swing with it. For anyone contemplating a musical career in Spain, the site contains encouraging evidence: apparently this kind of thing works out at €800/hr. For anyone contemplating marriage here, do consider flying in geezers.