Bicing accepts principle of parallel universes

Perhaps not, but they’ve removed from my records the journey that yesterday they were going to charge me 280€ for.

Re yesterday’s rant: now compare yesterday and today‘s records. Turns out I never got on a bike at 16:38 after all! So hey presto, I didn’t steal the bike! Relax, Houston!

So I guess the ba$tards either accept that their systems would be blasted to death in court and are running scared (the PSC really doesn’t need any more bad publicity between now and the elections in May), or they’ve got another trick up their sleeve (which is why I’m posting the screenshot), or they’re just having way too much fun with their crayons to give a toss about what happens outside.

Update 14/1

The ride may have disappeared from one part of the system, but not from another: the docking stations still won’t allow me to take another.

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