The decline of psychoanalysis charted

English-speakers are leaving in droves, Spanish-speakers are more equivocal, and Francophones are proving hard to un-crack.

One of the great things about most of the English-speaking world is that people increasingly only tell you about their dreams because incredibly dumb things happen in them, not because they think they have any transcendental significance. Basically psychoanalysis is dying, and may even disappear from university humanities departments before the latter disappear from the face of the earth (tho the NY Times wasn’t that optimistic back in 2007):
Spanish-speakers are dragging behind in deserting pseudo-science, but there’s been an encouraging fall in the last few years, and I think there may be less abominably designed therapy flyers even in Gracia–certainly a number of small providers have gone out of business there, as have, unfortunately, a number of rather more useful small bars:
All the world is being occupied by the rationalists. All the world? Nay! One constellation of villages populated by unsubmissive Gauls still resists the invaders, perhaps because this type of mumbo jumbo has been one of their more profitable industries since 1968:

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  1. psychoanalysis is unscientific mumbo-jumbo. but it was very fashionable for decades, and who can go against fashion.

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