How many days to save the euro?

I think I know what a day is, but I’m not so sure about “save” and “euro.”

The first seven results for a search for the last 7 days:

See also x days to save the euro in October, June, etc etc. Missing is a crucial ingredient of a good long-running soap: a presentiment of the horrors to come, either way.

Whether the outlying Irish are taken into account or not, the median, December 10, finds me in a village with historically low levels of seismic, supernatural and mainstream media risk. But from this semi-detached perspective I assume that some countries (Spain, where there is a democratic mandate) will agree to railroad through treaty change and stay in the club, and others (Italy, where no one has voted for whatever Rajoy’s policies are) will drop out. Pre-elections, will Sarkozy be kept awake by his baby, or vice versa? Whence France?

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  1. They’ll surrender and pretend they didn’t, and a victorious Sarkozy’s nose will increasingly resemble De Gaulle’s.

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